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Welcome to Kidzville!

We are excited about partnering with you! As parents, we want you to know that Kidzville is full of disciples who want to come alongside and support you as parents as you help your child develop a relationship with Jesus. Our goal is to partner with you to give your child what matters most!
Pastor David Tripp
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Nursery Ages (Birth – 2 years)

The nursery is a warm, loving place where our family embraces your family with God’s love. We are committed to intentionally encouraging, believing in, and investing in the life of every child. We provide  Bible lessons that are both developmentally and spiritually age appropriate for your child, as well as fun.
Richelle Ritchey- Nursery Director

Preschool Ages (3 years – PreK)

At the age of three, children transition from Babyville to the Preschool area. Parents can drop-off their children and know that they will enjoy a safe, fun filled experience on their own level, while the parents enjoy their own worship service. The children will sing songs together and hear a dynamic Bible story during each weekend service.
Amy Pohlman – Preschool Pastor

Elementary Ages (K – 3rd Grade)

In Midtown the children worship together in Kidzville Church during the weekend services. The goal is to build faith in the life of every child through a high-energy large group/small group setting. 
Chris Seidle –  Elementary Pastor

Pre-Teen Ages (4th-5th Grade)

 Preteens is a unique age group, they’re in a transition from childhood to adolescence and undergoing massive amounts of change: emotionally, physically, socially and intellectually! 45th Street Ministry is focused on allowing them to continue owning their faith. Our goal is to empower your preteens to grow and develop, to learn and to question, and to discover who God has made them to be!
Jarod Massie – Pre-Teen Pastor

Seasonal Activities

Caravan Scouting
Bible Quizzing
Bible Quiz
Upward Basketball/Cheerleading
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