Front Line Worship Blog – Transformation


by Pastor Zach Carpenter
Since I was a little boy, I’ve had this fascination with Transformers (Trademark Hasbro).   And for most of my life, they were just cool toys….which eventually became part of a blockbuster movie franchise.  To look at an automobile, dump truck, air plane, etc… and watch it become a weapon of destruction for the enemy, or a mighty warrior and protector of humanity for the cause of good, is still something that captivates my attention.  And honestly, it wasn’t until recently that I discovered the reason for this innate connection with one of my childhood affections.  And here it is:  I absolutely love watching and being a part of people making decisions that allow God to transform their lives…and then be used by God to do the same in someone else’s!
As someone who heard the unmistakable call of God to ministry in a Sunday evening church service at the age of 17…..transformation has always been the visible and sometimes even invisible driving force behind everything of which I’ve been involved.  God has radically and powerfully overwhelmed me….pushed me….nudged me…and sometimes dragged me….and it was always to bring about transformation to some area of my life.
I’m extremely thankful for the different voices of encouragement that God has used all throughout my life.  For me, one of those voices was that of my momma 🙂   There have been many times through my journey in ministry where God has used the words of my mom (to a 14 year old) to help get me back on track:  “Zachary….God is going to use you in great ways for the Kingdom.  I believe you could be the next Billy Graham!”  Obviously, Franklin Graham might have a little something say about that 🙂   But regardless, all I know, is that God has used that statement of being used for the Kingdom time and time again to remind me of my purpose in reaching people for Him.  It has brought me out of more than one or two low spots when I had a hard time seeing if God was using me or not.
What circumstances has God allowed and/or engineered in your life to bring about transformation in you….or in someone else?  Are you letting him change you and use you?  Is there someone in your “sphere” of whom needs to hear you speak words of love and life into their heart?  You never know how God will use you to bring about transformation in the life of another.
About the Author: Pastor Zach is the Worship Pastor for Heritage Naz Circleville