Did you know that you have a rich Heritage, whether you recognize it or not? The word Heritage actually means, “Something that belongs to someone by reason of birth”. At Heritage Nazarene Church, we think that is particularly true. You have something that belongs to you, that was designed for you since the moment of your birth. It is something that if not noticed or searched for can be easily missed, yet when discovered it will change your life. Your Heritage is to discover how Christ can belong to you, and in the process discover his plan for you. A plan that includes giving you hope and a future. In a fast paced world, maybe there is some value in considering our Heritage so that we know how to really live today. We would love to have you join us as we discover our Heritage together!

Pastor Wendell Brown

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Circleville Campus
9:15 am & 10:45 am
Waverly Campus
10:45 am


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